We’re back!

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Happy New Year!

We know, it’s been a while. A month in fact since we shared a blog post and social media content… And this only one month after ourselves writing about the damage that pausing communications does to your brand – the irony is not lost on us!

However it was the end of a tough year, culminating in many more challenges than we had anticipated, and priorities had to be shifted. Now, we know that’s not right and we would certainly not advocate chopping and changing priorities, but we’re also acutely aware that this year has been a game changer and lots of us have struggled to keep plates spinning, and there is no shame at all in admitting this and renewing a commitment to do better.

Uncertainty and anxiety remain with us as we welcome in the new year, and whilst we are all hopeful for positive developments and changes as we move forward, it seems these will take some time to implement and have any real effect. In the meantime, despite the feelings of powerlessness and frustration, we need to focus on positive actions and sentiments. What can we do to improve the situation for our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers, our community, and for our own sanity?!

I’m making a concerted effort this week to get back into routine. I know I always feel better when I have some kind of routine and structure, so I will be getting to bed earlier and ensuring a full night’s sleep – and setting an alarm again so that I can get up and do my meditation and a workout before settling down in front of my computer screen. Nothing revolutionary there, just correcting some of the bad habits I’ve slipped into over the last month. I’ve already planned out meals for the week ahead – and ensured that the calories and macros are balanced (no more relying on crackers, cheese and chocolate!) – and identified a suitable workout programme while I cannot get in the gym.

This morning saw the restarting of client Zoom and Teams calls to get the year on track, and I have spent time developing calendars of key dates and events for the year, as well as social media conversation calendar templates for the month of January. This gives me back another element of control as I can return to being proactive again, rather than simply reacting to the ever-changing situation as it unfolds. (It’s also ensured that I am going to be busy for the next few weeks as there are plenty of marketing and PR opportunities to be maximised for clients at the moment!) With this post, I am committing to getting the blog back up to its usual weekly posts and maintaining social media communications in between.

It feels good to be ticking things off my list, and to feel like I am achieving things again, rather than simply treading water as it has felt like over the last month! My next focus will be to rejoin my online yoga group on a weekly basis, and to think about a spring clean and clear out, but not yet, not now, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Wishing you all a constructive start to the new year, and sending lots of positive vibes to keep you going! If you’ve got any other tips to start the new year the best way, then please do share!


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