Stop start social: How pausing communications can damage your business


So it’s been a while… Almost a month in fact… Isn’t it crazy how the time flies by? So much has been happening across work and personal lives, that writing a blog post and doing my own social media and communications has been the lowest priority and therefore neglecting whilst attending to more urgent and higher priority issues.

I know from my own personal experiences and my work with clients, that this is the case for most of us, we prioritise our clients, colleagues, our work partners, friends and family, before focussing on ourselves.

If our communications are delayed and inconsistent, it doesn’t seem like too much of an issue, they are still there when we return to them, and nothing really seems to have changed. However, I can assure you that things have changed… Perception of you has changed, opinions about the way you conduct your business are formed, and loyalty and engagement has been affected on a deeper, almost subconscious level, even if it is not immediately apparent to you. I know this from studying the numbers, checking out the stats behind the communications, and from reading the numerous reports on the subject, so please do believe me when I tell you this is true.

Yet none of us are superhuman, and it can be incredibly challenging trying to juggle the numerous obligations placed upon us, particularly in challenging times where everything is uncertain and ever-changing. The key to managing this is exactly that, sitting down and creating a plan that you know you can stick to, employing all of the tools available to make your life as easy as possible, and reaching out to your support network – you don’t have to do this alone!

With hindsight, I knew that the last few weeks were going to be particularly challenging for me, and I should have adapted my plan and way of working prior to that to ensure I was prepared  - rather than creating content and scheduling a week in advance as I have been, I should have created content and scheduled for the rest of October, knowing I could always edit/adapt and change the scheduling should things be easier than I thought. Once things did start to get on top of me and I realised I was going to have to let one of the spinning plates drop, I should have reached out to a friend or colleague to see if they were available to support me with a couple of tasks for a week or so during the challenging period – after all, I would do it for them, so it’s probably not too much of a stretch to think that they would do the same for me – why are we all just so reluctant to ask for help??

With that in mind, I’m going to ask for your forgiveness for the brevity of this post, as I manage to get back on top of my priorities, and thank you for your continued support in such challenging times. If anybody needs any help or advice with anything, then please do not be afraid to ask, as those that know me would attest, I’m more than happy to share my thoughts if it can be useful (and even sometimes when it isn’t!)

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