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Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like we’re restarting again from next week (albeit cautiously and safely of course)? With Ramadan concluding in the Eid public holiday this week, and the Government announcement about business resuming and most of the restrictions being lifted by the end of the week, it certainly feels like we are able to get things moving again, and start this ‘new normal’ that keeps being bandied about.

For my part, I’ve been really grateful to the couple of retainer clients that I have continued to work closely with throughout this period – it’s been incredibly motivating to have been able to take more time to explore different angles, connect with more people within the company, and as a result, get some great exposure for them – allowing them to contribute effectively, responsibly and sensitively to the conversations across the region.

Like many others I’m sure, I’m now keen to start reaching out again and talking to other companies who are keen to restart their business and marketing operations in earnest. There are a wealth of opportunities out there for companies and individuals who are savvy enough to recognise them – now really is the time to be reaching out to your network to take advantage of these. Are there people whose skills and experience could be beneficial to you right now? There definitely seems to be a much stronger team spirit at the moment, and I’m sure there are plenty of people keen to share their advice and insights – and probably just connect with other human beings again!

Personally, I am keen to restart these conversations, over a socially distanced coffee, so if you’re looking to bounce ideas off someone, source opinions and advice – or just have a conversation face to face with another human being about your business (at a distance of 2m of course), then please do message me! I hope to connect in person with you all again – gradually – soon!

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