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What does a PR plan look like?

Do you need to download specific software or apps for PR plans? What information goes in a PR plan? What are the most user-friendly, simple PR plans we should be using?

I was delighted to run a PR Planning workshop for Female Fusion on Thursday, and the lovely ladies I met were really enthusiastic – so much so they’ve requested another session in a few weeks to allow them to develop their plans on their own and then come back to me to review them and hold them accountable! It was so inspiring and refreshing to have them suggest such a great initiative – I can’t wait to see what their plans will look like!

For now though, I thought it might be interesting to explore what a PR plan should actually look like, and what format should be used, as this was probably the most pressing question of the day.

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8 tips for video interviews and live streaming

I’m going live!

If you’ve been following my content or reading these blogs, you may be aware that I am running a workshop for the ladies of Female Fusion UAE on Thursday morning. As part of the build up for this session, I have been asked to take part in a Facebook Live session with the group’s founder.

Kellie and I work in similar fields and have known each other for a long time, so I had no hesitation in accepting her invitation to chat, knowing we would have no shortage of things to say! The familiarity also helped to ensure that it wasn’t a stressful experience – that being said, I think you have to be superhuman not to experience a few nerves when it comes to doing anything live!

In preparing for the session, I realised it might be useful to share some of the little tips that might be useful for anyone wanting to do live broadcasts or interviews, and who hasn’t had much experience and may therefore be a bit daunted by the task…

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How to create a PR plan: Four simple steps

As you may have seen from last week’s post, I will be taking my first face-to-face workshop next week for the gorgeous ladies at Female Fusion. Over the course of a morning, we’ll be exploring how to create an effective PR plan – a topic which is particularly popular right now as everyone has had to review and realign their business operations and communications.

For anyone who is not sure what constitutes an effective PR plan, I thought it might be helpful to outline the four main steps to be taken. These will be explored further during our session next weekend, so if you’ve like to know more, please do sign up to join us here.

The most important part of any PR plan is the strategy behind it – this is the key foundation on which everything else should be built:

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Face to face workshops resume with Female Fusion Summer School!

As we take the next steps towards business rebuild post-lockdown, it seems that collectively we are ready to tentatively start face to face business meetings and events again – with the necessary distancing measures in place of course. In the last two weeks, we’ve had a number of enquiries for face to face PR and social media training and workshops in Dubai – something which hasn’t happened for the last five months.

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When & how to use emojis on social media

You may (or more likely, may not!) be aware that this Friday is World Emoji Day… Yes, you read that correctly, there is actually a global awareness day for our favourite little icons!

As our attention spans become ever-shorter, we are relying more and more on visuals to get our message across quickly and effectively, and the overwhelming majority of us therefore use emojis on a daily basis, whether privately on our Whatsapp messages to friends and family, or by broadcasting publicly across our social media networks.

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Social media insights from the experts

In the last two weeks I’ve finally managed to watch a lot of the webinars and training videos that have caught my eye over the last few months (and find yet more to occupy myself over the next couple of weeks).

Whilst preparing dinner, I’ve managed to hear from top TikTokers thanks to Later’s TikTok course and video series, from social media experts at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, thanks to Reim El Houni at Ti22 Films who put on an excellent week of webinars recently, and from top travel writers and videographers as part of World Nomad’s videography series.

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Four steps to social media success

With World Social Media Day on Tuesday, we had to make this week’s post about social media. During these last few moths of isolation and uncertainty, it has become much more of a crutch for people all around the world, keen to feel connected to the outside world, to keep in touch with their loved ones, and to educate themselves on the situation as it unfolds. It has had many positive effects, serving as a lifeline for many, although we have also seen its flaws highlighted, with the mass spread of fake news and misinformation.

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5 Ways to Apply A Yoga Approach at Work

With lockdown restrictions easing around the world, the routines we had developed over the last few months are adapting, as we move slowly back to a ‘normal’ work life. This period of slowdown has been a great time to pause and reflect for a lot of us, and we should therefore think carefully about our approach to the next phase, rather than just falling back into our old patterns and habits.

As today is International Day of Yoga, it seemed the perfect time to think about how we consciously restart and reset our worklife. One of the things I am grateful for during the lockdown period is restarting my yoga practice again, through Zoom classes with the lovely Camilla Knight, these regular sessions have allowed my practice to extend beyond the mat, which has been hugely beneficial for my wellbeing (and sanity!) during this trying period.

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Crafting a content calendar: How to plan your social media & PR

As we venture back out and business starts to resume pace, are you ready to make up for lost time? Have you got your marketing plans confirmed with strategic content and messaging for the next few weeks? Are you equipped and able to join the conversations in your community? Could you be ready to respond in an instant?

We’ve previously shared our thoughts on creating an effective social media strategy and building on from this, we thought it might be helpful to go into a little bit more detail around content calendars.

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Respect our newly rediscovered beaches for #WorldOceansDay

World Ocean’s Day falls on Monday 8th June this year, and this year more than ever it’s worth celebrating. As we venture out of lockdown and the public beaches here in Dubai welcome us back with open arms (albeit from behind a surgical mask), we need to make sure we are respecting these recently rediscovered gems – those places we have missed so acutely over the last few months, and the freedom to visit them that we took for granted prior to lockdown.

We need to make sure that when we start dipping our toe in the water - literally and figuratively – that we are doing everything we can to respect and protect the beaches and oceans that we love.

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