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PR & Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Start Up’s and SME’s in Dubai

One of the most important elements of starting and growing a business is making sure people know about it! We’ve seen increasing numbers of enquiries from start up’s and SME’s in Dubai, and wanted to offer a helping hand to our community. We will therefore be running a special workshop on PR for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in Dubai on Thurs 30thMay (at a reduced price for Ramadan too!)

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Ramadan marketing

Ramadan campaigns 2019: How to market during the Holy Month

With reduced working hours and more time spent at home, media consumption increases massively in the Arab world during Ramadan.

This clearly presents a huge opportunity to engage with our audiences and extend our reach – more people are online, and these people are actively searching already, and therefore more open and receptive to our messages – but what should we be saying and how should we say it?

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Preparing for the worst

No matter what your line of business, there are always potential risks to your operation and ultimately your reputation. Good Public Relations (PR) will ensure that your reputation is not only promoted, but is also protected. However with the development of social media, these communication channels are becoming increasingly harder to manage, and for the majority of SME’s operating without the support of an experienced PR team and for whom reputation is so important, this can throw up a whole host of issues that have not previously been encountered.
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Creating an engaging blog

There are so many elements that contribute to the popularity of a blog, and these generally depend on the wants and needs of the target audience. However one factor that remains consistent in the all successful blogs is the quality of the content. So, what is good quality content and how do you use it to make people want to read your blog?

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